Our Services

The best in the business

The following are the core services offered by Diamond Point.

CCTV Monitoring

Remote Access Control

Alarm Monitoring

Lone Worker Protection

To deliver the best possible service, in a professional way, we equip our highly trained ARC Operators with our industry-leading monitoring software. This software package is integrated with our advanced CCTV analytics platform to provide unrivalled CCTV false alarm management.

Our software is a powerful platform that integrates multiple systems output from the customer’s facility and presents it to our ARC Operators in one seamless interaction. This ensures the highest level of situation awareness, supports appropriate actions to alarm events and allows for the fastest possible response times to such events.

Whether handling intruder, video, environmental, lone worker or any other alarm type, the operator has a consistent user interface, independent of the equipment manufacturer. Training is faster and the operation is simplified. All our system metrics are monitored and reported for complete transparency.

Our integrated platform can monitor any intruder or CCTV technology available in the market including Adpro, Avigilon, Dahua, Heitel, Hikvision, IC Realtime, and many, many more.  It also gives you secure remote access to all your sites from anywhere in the world via a web portal and smart phone systems which have been designed to be the ideal tool for alarm and CCTV installation and maintenance users.

With our state-of-the-art dual running facilities operating in parallel there is no risk of downtime and our services are guaranteed to deliver uninterrupted continuity regardless of the situation.

Our experienced and expert management team are always available to provide technical support and advice to our customers to ensure that the most appropriate solutions are designed and implemented to manage their security risk.