What our clients say

We take the security within our organisation and at our sites extremely seriously. We discovered Diamond Point whilst completing a night time penetration test of one of our sites, whereby our operative happened to cross through a neighbouring site being monitored by Diamond Point’s CCTV monitoring service.  Detection was instantaneous and the operative was warned off by an audio announcement stating they were alerting the Gardai.  Ironically when the operative arrived at our Site, detection was considerably slower and although we were advised that an Audio warning was issued from the control centre this was not heard by our operative on site.   Subsequent to this issue we followed up and met with Richard & Noel.  We were very impressed with the Company Structure and the people within the organisation. We have since given Diamond Point a number of sites to monitor and their performance has surpassed our expectations. We will have no hesitation in utilising them on any projects going forward.

Donal Stenson – Divisional Quantity Surveyor, CAIRN Homes

I was dissatisfied and frustrated with my previous Alarm Receiving Centre. I spent a huge amount of my time sorting out silly customer issues and administration was a nightmare. I gave Diamond Point the chance to show me what they could do for me. Now they do all my intruder & CCTV monitoring. They are really responsive and because they don’t do installations and don’t compete with my business in the market place, I trust them to work with me on new opportunities.

Daniel Downes – Managing Director, Logic Security

We have a number of business locations and we use Diamond Point’s service to protect our assets. Our most important consideration when we procure services is that the service provider meets all statutory requirements & industry standards and that their business continuity processes are robust. We put a lot of effort into service measurement and Diamond Point are by far the leading and most consistent performer. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Brian O’Hara – General Manager, PRL Group

I have been using Diamond Point as my monitoring partner for the past 3 years. I like them because as well as being independent, the level of service delivered to my customers is second to none. Their expertise in CCTV monitoring has opened up opportunities for me to grow my business and all their processes are designed to reduce the amount of time and administration I need to do. I particularly like their service measurement system; It really helps to give confidence to customers. Great company!

Des Mac Hale – Managing Director, Precision Security